What is SuperCraft

Supercraft is a minecraft server designed to be fun,

it includes... survival, building, towns, pvp, minigames, and factions!

it includes 2 servers and a max players of 100

Why should i purchase from it?

we need you to purchase to support the server and keep it running

so if you like the server, get the money!

we sell a range of items from...

Kits, in-Game-Money, Ranks, Namecolors, Command Packs, and cratekeys

is it safe?

of course! join the server and look at it.

or talk to one of our donators such as Flames1950 or scmc1943

if you are a child, 13 or under, or do not parent permission to buy,

please use/ask a perant or gardian to purchase it for you



Payments Of 2016 - 2017
Flames1950 • 25th Dec 16
• 5.00 USD
Flames1950 • 25th Dec 16
• 3.00 USD
SuperCraftMC Status
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Donation Goal

0 / 10 USD (0%)

Server Update #1

1. We Now Have Crates On The Server!

2. We Now Have Crate Keys On The Server

3. We Are 95% Complete With Factions

Server Update #2

We Are Now Complete Factions

Server Update #3

We Now Can Have 25 Players In Our Server Instead Of The Normall 20!

A Message From The Owner

Thank you for your patience! We are now ALMOST out of our Alpha stage!

the server is luckily up to date!

Top Customer Of 2017

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